Philipp Winterberg's Powerful Affirmations

Philipp Winterberg's Powerful Affirmations

Watch the affirmation you choose while you work at your PC

Philipp Winterberg's Powerful Affirmations is an inventive and very simple program. It enables you to enter an affirmation or a sentence to appear on top of all windows. This affirmation will appear for you to read it, and in several seconds it will disappear, to be substituted with another affirmation from a given list, or to appear again after another time interval. This way, the program makes up your own autogenic training.

You can customize your affirmations in terms of font, font color and border color. You can adjust the display intervals and the pause time. Other options include: Repeat affirmation, pause if screensaver is running, start with a pause, and some others.

The program is free to use in case you want it to show just one affirmation sentence. If you need more affirmations displayed, you will have to buy another product called "Powerful Affirmations Premium" by the same developer. Many features of the Premium program and links to other products created by the same developer are listed in the program's settings.

Marian Zaky
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